Ports of Normandy and Logistique Seine Normandie organized three awareness-raising meetings to help companies prepare for Brexit (7 November in Dieppe, 15 January in Caen and 17 January in Cherbourg). The meetings were the outcome of over a year of working with government departments (Ministry of agriculture and food, customs and border police), terminal operators and shipping companies. They served to:

Remind everyone of the impacts of Brexit on migration, customs, veterinary and phytosanitary controls.

Provide an update on the organisational progress made by port terminals and the booking policy for companies, which will be implemented on 30 March in case of no deal. The common goal is to harmonize the new controls while also guaranteeing continued seamless port transit.

The same type of meetings have been held in the UK (6 march in Newhaven, 18 March in POrtsmouth) to raise awareness among hauliers.


Find out more about all the information given during these meetings here. 


Ports of Normandy is Brexit ready 


  Meeting in Portsmouth (18 March): How to get ready for Brexit?


  Meeting in Newhaven (6 March): How to get ready for Brexit? 



DRAAF (Normandy's regional directorate for food, agriculture, and forestery) 

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Last update: 17/09/2019