The UK is leaving the European Union (EU)

The date on which the UK is due to leave the EU is now set for 31 January 2020.

Normandy Ports is moving ahead with preparations to ensure that goods will continue to transit through the ports of Cherbourg, Caen-Ouistreham and Dieppe in the best possible conditions, even after Brexit. For the related transport operations to run smoothly, all the parties involved in the logistics chain need to cooperate.


The rules that apply in France are those of the International Customs Union.

Therefore, all goods travelling to or from the UK will be treated as third country goods.

What can be done to meet the new customs requirements?


  • Action needs to be taken on both sides of the Channel

Businesses should ensure that

  • Their logistics processes are resilient and their partners are clearly identified (suppliers, carriers, customs declarants, etc.)
  • A system enabling documents related to their business activity to circulate is in place
  • Safety and security declarations are established
  • Customs clearance formalities are fulfilled 

They should identify any potential risk of delay:

  • Documentary and physical checks (sanitary and phytosanitary checks)
  • Additional transport times

And any additional costs:

  • Customs declarant fees
  • Customs duties and import VAT

See the different presentations following working meetings with all the organisations and management authorities involved in the Brexit process:

Ports of Normandy is Brexit ready 


  Meeting in Caen (October 11th 2019): Information & discussion morning: preparing for a smooth BREXIT


  Meeting in Portsmouth (March 18th 2019): How to get ready for Brexit?


  Meeting in Newhaven (March 6th 2019): How to get ready for Brexit? 



DRAAF (Normandy's regional directorate for food, agriculture, and forestery) 

Download our press release about Brexit:

 "The European Commission confirms that Ports of Normandy is Brexit ready!" April 15th 2019

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Last update: 25/09/2020