Not only do the ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg have a maritime vocation, they are also at the heart of a fishing industry that plays a leading role in the local economy, generating direct and indirect jobs.

The fishing port of Cherbourg, located in the outer harbour and in the Bassin du Commerce, boasts a fleet of 33 vessels for the 110 seamen who work in the zone.
Coastal and high-sea fishing is the cornerstone of the industry in Cherbourg, with a total of 8 high-sea trawlers.

Cherbourg's fishing industry is centred around the fish marketing centre, a genuine hub for seafood trade. 
This landing and unloading zone helps to streamline fishing trade via a system of computerised transactions between fishermen and buyers. It offers additional services such as goods sorting or refrigerated storage areas, and facilitates management as a whole.

Caen-Ouistreham, is home to smaller scale coastal fishing, with a fleet of small trawlers and launches. Located east and west of the outer harbour, the Ouistreham fishing port reunites fifteen or so boats, including 11 trawlers and 5 dory boats for coastal fishing. A total of 35 seamen work on this port site.
Sea produce is marketed direct on the wharf, where a fish market equipped with 24 stalls enables fishermen to sell their goods.

Both fishing zones are renowned for their wide-ranging production. They are home to a variety of fish species, the most common of which are, among others, pout, seabass, gurnard and whiting.
 However, the shellfish market also plays a leading role in local and regional trade.
A quality label has been awarded to the region's scallops, certifying both quality and flavour.
The Barfleur mussel is also subject to quality measures.
Sea produce represents a total of over 60 different varieties of fish and shellfish.
Although suitable for direct consumption, it also supplies laboratories specialising in the development of nutrients and food supplements, or agrifood industries involved in seafood processing. 

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Last update: 17/03/2023
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