PNA, as owner and manager of the ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg since the 1st of January 2007, is the Port Authority for both of them.

The French decentralisation laws dated 13th August 2004 led to the property transfer by the State of ports referred to as of "national interest" to local authorities or their associated groups.

The Regional Council of "Basse Normandie" (Lower Normandy), together with the Manche and Calvados départements, have consequently joined forces in the form of a specific governance structure, the regional public-private entity of the Ports of "Basse Normandie", otherwise known as the Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA), in an effort to boost the performance of both ports and to meet their development challenges.

PNA ensures the management and development of the port domain, guarantees secure maritime access and defines a sustainable development policy for the two ports:

The General Directorate (DG) defines the port strategy and organises PNA's activities in consistency with the policies chosen by the authorities.

The Directorate for Administrative and Financial (DAF) oversees PNA's financial and legal administration, ensures personnel management and manages the entity's internal operations.

The Directorate for Development and Environment (DAE) draws master plans for port development, plans the associated investments and development work and ensures their completion within the framework of a concerted environmental policy.

The Directorate for Access and Maintenance (DAM) ensures the security of sea and land access (dredging, operation and maintenance of fixed and mobile structures, management and maintenance of port road systems and non-delegated port premises) and is responsible for the management and the development of the non-delegated domain.

The Directorate for Studies and Promotion (DEP) conducts studies for the development of port activities, manages the promotion of both ports and any associated marketing strategies.

The Directorate for Communication (DirCom) develops and manages PNA's communication strategies. 

The Harbour Master's Offices (CAP) carry out, for each port, their entrusted Port Authority missions, organise the reception of ships and ensure safety throughout the port domain.

PNA, as delegating Authority for its public-service missions, chooses assignees and concessionaires to conduct operations and ensure the use of equipment within the Ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg terminals; Caen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Port of Cherbourg SAS (Cherbourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group) respectively and SPEC (Port operating compagny for the Cherbourg harbour).  PNA monitors such delegations.

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Last update: 17/03/2023
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